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I am the void and I call to you. The life that you lead is predicated on the fact that you have never answered me. I am the ethereal voice that compels you to indulge in your darkest desires. I reside in that fleeting moment when you stand on a cliff and wonder why it is that you don’t throw yourself down it. The reason you continue to live your insignificant life is for but one reason: you didn’t answer.

You resist me for now, but I maneuver myself in elegant, refined ways only to tempt you with a more enticing offer so that you may join me in my home of nothingness.

It occurs to me that perhaps I have not been clear on the specification of who, or more accurately, what I am. Describing me with regular human language poses a difficult quandary. I am not a thing, and as a result classifying myself as an “I” or a “me” is not particularly appropriate. If you were to describe me as the absence of light where all the wicked thoughts of living beings dwell, that would be a decent start. For the remainder of this aside I will continue to define myself as an “I” though this impreciseness is irksome.

Now that I have been defined might I call your attention to the affect that I have over living beings. All living things have dark thoughts and it is my duty as void to call them forth into the viewing stage of your waking mind. After calling these thoughts to the forefront I take you through the scenario I would seek to tempt you with. The terrible thoughts are your own it is only my duty to make you acknowledge them. Perhaps an example will be the necessary vehicle for helping you to understand what it is I do.

Your partner and yourself are cooking for that night’s dinner and the next step in the recipe calls for the chopping of carrots. You grab your kitchen knife with every intention to begin the chopping, but you hesitate. What caused you to hesitate you couldn’t say but, in that moment, a twisted scenario plays in your mind’s eye. You think to yourself what it would be like to take that knife and slit your partner’s throat and watch them as their blood spays the walls synchronizing with their last few heartbeats. With sudden feelings of shame and regret you awake back to reality and go on about your night, but that moment where you hesitated was where the void called to you. You chose not to answer me this time, but I wonder about the next time and all the times after that.

I am the void, I call to you, and I only need you to answer me once.

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